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Very easy to use installer with ansible / vagrant / virtual box to install Symfony with a simple single command.

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SYMfony VIRtual INStaller. ( ) This one phar file its a console command that ask you for the steps in order to configure a complete virtual machine using: virtual box / vagrant / ansible.

Do not worry right now to download and install this system. This command will guide you throught the process of install the packages it needs, and after all the process, you will have a vendor/symvirins folder with all the ansible playbook in differents files, ready to setup.


Download symvirins as a Phar:

$ curl -LSs > symvirins.phar

From there, you may place it anywhere that will make it easier for you to access (such as /usr/local/bin) and chmod it to 755. You can even rename it to just symvirins to avoid having to type the .phar extension every time.

$ symvirins --version

And if you want to create the virtual box goes to a directory you want and type:

$ symvirins install

This will ask you some questions or suggest to install some basics packages you will need. After this, you have a folder with everything ready to start your development. Just type :

$ vagrant up

And the installation of the virtual box will start. (will take longer the first time).